Ugh! This chapter is all f'd up. I wasnt prepared for any of this & I CANT WAIT TILL CHRIS BEAT AARON'S ASS CAUSE I SEE IT COMING! Like he's extremely disrespectful. He's gonna get his. But i like how Chris is such a family man & he goes out of his way to make his family happy. 💕 i just wanted to know if ur gonna include something about Chris' music career?
asked by esdope

Thank you! And I was thinking about it, but I didn’t know if you guys would like that. I actually have something in mind if you guys are interested 😏😏

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Chris is about to murder his ass. Whenever he finds out that he hit her. It's sad that she has gotten used to the abuse that it doesn't really bother her anymore because she stood there like he didn't just hit her. I hate Aaron bitch ass man.
asked by shadowlessmemoriesff

We all hate him! But yeah, it is sad that it she doesn’t even flinch anymore. Something’s gotta change

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See Aaron a pussy for that he waitied til Charlie was alone to slap her, he knew if Chris was there he wouldn't have did it cause he would've got his ass beat. I wouldn't let Aaron bathe Paris neither.
asked by uniquelymad3

Aaron won’t do anything to Paris, I promise you guys!

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I wish Chris was there so he could've beat Aaron's bitch ass 😒
asked by paskalswirl

Don’t we all? 😕 Charlie and Paris will be alright tho, I promise you that.

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   Everybody was expected to show up in half an hour and I still had to get the cake and order the pizza. I shoulda done that shit earlier so it wouldn’t be late. Poor planning on my part.

   I whistled to myself as I strolled down my mom’s driveway and to her mailbox. Pulling down the little door, I took her mail into my hands and read some of the addresses. There was one from my aunt Christine in Virginia. I smiled at her name and address and went back inside; we hadn’t seen her or my cousins in two years or so.

   ”Ma!” I shouted when I got back inside. “You got a letter from Auntie Christine!”

   She came around the corner, wiping her hands on her pants. “What’s that? Christine sent me something?” I nodded at her and handed her the rest of the mail. She opened the envelope and read it. “Oh, it’s just Austin’s graduation invitation.”

   I nodded and shrugged, “You goin’?”

   ”I guess I should,” she murmured. “They did come to your graduation for high school and college.”

   ”When is it?”

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There is no need for Charlie to even report getting slapped by Aaron because the court ain't gonna do nothing for her and that's sad.
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So tell me why Aaron gets to see or even be around Paris but I don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something.
asked by Anonymous

It’s kinda hard to explain but I saw it on Law and Order. There was this guy who raped this lady and got her pregnant. So she had the kid and they fought for custody. The judge granted him a little custody because he agreed to pay child support, as twisted as that sounds.

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Bruhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I'm tryna body Aaron like tonight. Well tomorrow so that Paris can be back with Charlie already. Like wtf?! He's so damn disrespectful. Ugh I can't stand him.
asked by abeautifulmindexposed

😂😂 I think we can all agree on that!

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Charlie need to not take Aaron's bullshit all the time. It seemed like it at the end. I love chris and Charlie relationship. Love the chapter
asked by itsflydiva1994

Thank you! And yes, Charlie needs to get a backbone again like she had on New Years.

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*rubs temples* why can't Aaron just cut the bullshit, he's childish.. Chris' dad is her boss, lawd, that's not okay.. I'm praying for Paris, cuhs who knows what Aaron is gonna do, he doesn't care.. Charlie didn't need to get slapped, he's bitch made.
asked by ashleyisthyname

👆👆 all of this! But I promise you guys, he won’t hurt Paris. That’s not gonna happen ✋

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