Lettin’ my little homie try out my photography shit! Lol!! -Chris

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Since I can’t give you guys a full chapter this week…

Maybe I can give you a sneak peak of chapter 34? Would you guys like that? 😁

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Hi my little freaks! 😉

Soooo I have some bad news. My computer broke yesterday! Which means what? I cannot write anything right now. Which also means you guys will most likely not be getting a chapter this week unless I can find a new computer. Sorry guys 😥😕

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Chapter list?
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You get the most notes for sex scenes because they are really good and detailed scenes (got me wanting a Chris of my own) as well as your readers are a bunch of freaks.
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Lmao! Thank you for your honesty, honey 😂☺️

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I think I figured you guys out. You guys really love the sex scenes, yes? That’s where I get most of my notes lol 😏😏

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Sorry I haven't left feedback, I've been so busy but I'll definitely read the chapter in the next few days 💖
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Take your time, love! ☺️ it’s no deal and I hope it’s worth the wait 😏

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They are soooooo cute omg, freaky asses lol
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Right! Like, who would have sex in a park besides Chris?! Lmfao

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From: Christopher

On my way

   I grinned like an idiot at my phone as I fell backwards into my bed; I giggled like a little girl crushing on a guy who’s way out of her league. My heart rate picked up and everything; I was getting slightly ahead of myself.

   I still had to shower and get ready and do my hair, and here I was blushing over a dude who couldn’t even see me. Damn it.

   “What do you think, Paris? You like this?” I held up a black skirt and a nice blouse for her to choose. She stared at it and frowned before shaking her head; I sighed loudly. Fashion was totally not my thing. “Sam?”

   “Hell no,” she laughed, painting Paris’ nails. She was biting her tongue in concentration. She blew on my daughter’s nails for a few seconds and told her to keep blowing while she rummaged through my closet. Not even five seconds later, she smiled, happy with her choice. “Go shower.”

   She picked out a pair of black super-skinny jeans and a white long-sleeved shirt with a big-ass panda on it. The panda donned a large red bow and had huge eyes and showed a smile. I smiled at it.

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❤️👍🙌👏👌 Wow! This was an EXCELLENT chapter, lol. But they are extremely adorable. Smh, Chris is a freak & i love it. Keep up the good work.
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Lol thank you 😂 and Chris is just…well, Chris

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