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What does Lauren and Nathan look like
asked by Anonymous

Nathan? The dude from Charlie’s job? Oh, I don’t know lol. I didn’t think he needed a picture because he’s not really relevant in the grand scheme of things. As for Lauren, I also do not know. I guess I should find someone for her, huh?

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Character list? Please
asked by jadedemetra
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Chapter 18


"And so you are aware that Mrs. Michaels will be unable to enroll in back into this facility, correct?" The dark-haired, middle-aged woman spoke to me like she was reading from a script, making markings on some paperwork.

"Yes, ma’am," I answered. My mother stood next to me, as if she were…

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I love when Chris told Paris she was pretty. She needs to hear that from a male as well as have a positive male in her life so she a positive outlook on men. She will know that all men are not like her daddy.
asked by Anonymous

See, Paris is kinda confused about men. She likes Chris, but she’s still skeptical about him being mean to her and Charlie. She hasn’t set her guard down totally yet.

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I'm glad Charlie found out about Chris' cutting which also lead to Charlie admitting that she used to cut. I like when there are no secrets between them. They can truly support each other when they are open & honest with each other.
asked by Anonymous

Muahahahahah! You guys are good!

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No sorry I didn't see you updated
asked by twatarna

No biggie.

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Y’all must being getting bored with this…

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   ”Chrissy, why are you staring at Mommy?” Paris tugged on my pants leg, tilting her head to the side curiously.

   I blinked myself back into reality and blushed, biting my lip to try and counter that burning sensation. We were at the park and I was watching the three of them play in the sandbox, I decided to sit this one out so I didn’t mess up my shoes. “I dunno, baby girl. She’s very pretty.”

   Charlie and Isaiah were just out of earshot, so they didn’t hear me. Either that, or they weren’t paying attention. Paris decided to play by me and tell me a story about a princess who lived in her castle—which was really just a pile of sand with a leaf on top to signify a flag.

   ”Am I pretty?” She asked without looking at me; she smashed her sand castle and started over altogether.

   ”You are much prettier than your mommy,” I chuckled, saying it loud enough for Charlie and Isaiah to hear.

   Paris giggled shyly, blushing heavily as she turned her eyes down to her sand.

   ”What did you say?” Charlie called from the other side of the sandbox, squinting her eyes from the sun.

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This chapter was adorable and sad at the same time! Chris and Paris' sandbox moment was adorable. I hate how Aaron treated her. No child deserves that. But why can't Chris swing tho? Lol maybe it's bc he's too talk or something. Idk but Charlie trying was hella funny. I'm glad she noticed his cuts. I was growing anxious just waiting for him to tell her. She has the right to be upset with him!
asked by ashantidreww

Lord, all of this is a yes!

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